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Money heist ( la casa de papel ) season 2

Money heist ( la casa de papel ) season 2 Follow us

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The biggest robbery in history is threatened. The plans of the Professor are put to the test when the police discover the hideout where he orchestrated the break of the century with his team. Meanwhile, nothing is going on between Berlin, Tokyo, Denver and the rest of the group, where internal quarrels threaten to separate them. Tired and exhausted, the situation is complicated within the National Factory of Money and Stamps while Berlin regains control of the operation. For its part, Raquel continues his investigation, tightening the grip around the true identity of the brain of the operation. Will the professor and his team succeed in carrying out their operation?


Duration : 70 min Quality : Full HD Rating : 8.5 of 10  •   2934 votes

Money & Release date

Budget : $$$ Revenu : $$$ Release date : 2018-05-31