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John Wick 1 (2014)

John Wick 1 (2014) Follow us

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An ex-hit-man comes out of retirement to track down the gangsters that killed his dog andSince the death of his beloved wife, John Wick spends his days reworking his 1969 Ford Mustang, with his only dog Daisy. He leads an uneventful life until a sadistic thug named Iosef Tarasof notices his car. John refuses to sell it to him. Iosef does not accept being resisted, gets into John's house with two accomplices to steal the Mustang, and savagely kill Daisy ... John goes back to Iosef to New York. An old contact, Aurelio, teaches him that the thug is the only son of a big boss of the underworld, Viggo Tarasof. The rumor is spreading rapidly in the middle: the legendary killer is looking for Iosef. Viggo puts a price on John's head: anyone who slaughters him will receive a huge reward. John now has all the killers in New York on the hunt. took everything from him.


Duration : 101 min Quality : Full HD Rating : 7.3 of 10  •   864 votes

Money & Release date

Budget : $20 million Revenu : $88 million Release date : 2014-10-24


Action Thriller Crime